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My cousin just got a ps3 the other day!!!  HELL YEAH!!!!  even though I don't have it  I DON'T FREAKIN CARE!!! i still get to play it^_^
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akatsuki sunset


I guess I'm new to this community. But we can get passed our differences ;_______;   Anyways......HAPPY TURKEY DAY....or since it's already 1:00 am then I guess it's Happy Late Turkey Day?  Yeah, well.  Post later! ^_^
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Im new to this community..I play RO of course ona Private Server. It's apretty good server, it just needs more people. I'm one of the Sub GMs.

Here is my Character;
Name: Satu
Job: Sniper
Status: Sub GM
Base: 120
Job: 63
Server: AncientRO

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Join plz? =3
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I am new to da community so I thought I would introduce myself... I am Yosh anime fan right now my fav anime spot is tied betwen helling and haibane renmei. The are both great but I can not decide

Of course I love many other animes but listing them would take a while and I would probally forget alot

I am also a gamer unless it is a sport game I love them all. In fact I am playing through PainKiller now nice game...

well I have taken up enough room I just thought I would ay hi and I di so...